Agile Planning

Agile Planning project focuses on tool support for agile project planning and management. The goal of the project is to transfer agile management practices into larger and distributed teams. Currently, the work focuses on innovative user interface technologies for agile planning. AgilePlanner uses digital tabletops and handwriting recognition for collocated and distributed agile project planning. In addition, we investigate integrating project planning with executable specifications/acceptance tests (see FitClipse)

The goal of our agile project management is to investigate methods, techniques and tools to improve project planning, team communication & coordination and progresss tracking in agile software development teams. The main emphasis is helping distributed and larger teams to in managing their projects and communicating about it.

AgilePlanner and AgilePlanner Eclipse Plugin

AgilePlanner supports synchronous distributed planning meetings by providing a shared workspace for creating, organizing and editing electronic index cards (Check out our demo video on YouTube). Changes made by one team member become visible immediately on connected clients all over the world. AgilePlanner is a rich client based on the Eclipse Platform that supports vertical displays as well as digital tabletops. The development of AgilePlanner is supported by Rally andNSERC.

AgilePlanner for Digital Tabletop

The AgilePlanner Video (5.7MB) shows a first version of digital tabletop based planning tool in action. The Distributed AgilePlanner video (38MB) shows a newer version of the tool and focuses on the distributed planning aspect. For more information, go to the AgilePlannerForDigital Tabletop site.

AgilePlanner for IBM Jazz

IBM Jazz is supporting our research on APJazz. For more information, go to our page Integrating synchronous distributed project planning with executable acceptance test driven development for agile software teams.

For information on Jazz Server Installation Instructions, please click here.


The MASE project investigated how web-based applications can help project management in distributed agile teams. It started in 1999/2000 and was one of the first projects looking into tools for distributed agile teams. MASE uses a wiki-based backend for managing tasks, stories, iterations and releases. While MASE was an early proof-of-concept implementation of this approach (see F. Maurer: Supporting Distributed Extreme Programming, Proceedings Agile Universe/ XP Universe 2002, Springer, 2002), several commercial and open-source alternatives exist now (e.g. Rally Software Development or XPlanner).

More information about our agile planning research can be found in our web library.