Fit Clipse

The goal of the FitClipse project is to develop advanced tool support for Executable Acceptance Test Driven Development (EATDD).

Fit is a tool that supports EATDD.

FitClipse feature list (current):

  • Developed as an Eclipse Plugin
  • Stores test history to generate reports
  • Progress tracking based on test results
  • Distinguishes between regression failures and not-yet-implemented failures
  • Generates test stubs
  • Test refactoring to ensure consistency between fixtures and test definitions
  • Multi-modal acceptance testing
  • Integrated with the EclEmma code coverage tool.

Features in development:

  • Usability enhancements

The FitClipse software is provided under the ASE Open Source License. The installation page describes how you can set up FitClipse in your environment. See User Documentation to understand how to work with FitClipse.

This project has been discontinued.

Sourcecode repositories: Runner

FitClipse Papers