Mahshid Marbouti


Since September 2013, I have started my PhD under supervision of Dr. Frank Maurer in Agile Surface Engineering (ASE) Lab at University Of Calgary. In the ASE lab my main themes of research has been Big Data and Visual Analytics. The worldwide data explosion would emphasize on importance of knowledge discovery from massive, heterogeneous, and dynamic volumes of information (Big Data). Recently, I have started working on analysis and visualization of social media data in order to extract meaningful information for emergency responders to gain situation awareness and make better decisions.

As a part of my PhD reserach and based on a human centered design approach, I designed and developed a fully functional visual analytics prototype (SMA-RT) to bring social media analysts in the classification loop and increase their task performance. The design embeds a machine learning classifier to identify SA tweets using textual, social, location, and tone based features to increase precision and recall of SA tweets. The SMA-RT interface combines the ability to collect, search and sort tweets alongside the functionality to filter and organize them with machine learning techniques. SMA-RT allow analysts to filter social media posts based on their situational awareness, tagging, and retweeting beyond expectation (interestingness). It also helps analysts to locate social media posts if there is a location mention in the text.

Here is a 3 minutes video about my research and the social media analyst tool.


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Academic Projects:

  • Social Media Analyst Client: Develop a visual analytics prototype to identify relevant tweets in different events (C#, Python, MongoDB)
  • Emergency Operation Centers of the Future (EOC_F): Develop multi-surface prototype supporting emergency response training simulations (C#, WCF)
  • PipeVis First Place winner at IBM Advanced Energy Analytics Competition: Develop a visual analytics tools to analyze and visualize pipeline incidents (C#, ASP.NET MVC)
  • Drive Jeopardy: develop a website to visualize critical information from the National Collision Data set provided by the Government of Canada (C#, ASP.NET MVC).
  • Resource Statistics Visualization Tool for University of Calgary Library: Design and develop a  website that incorporated the latest visualization techniques in order to help the librarians at the University of Calgary to better understand and manage their resources (C#, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery).
  • Water Management Application: develop a geovisual analytics web-based application that utilizes different information visualization and data mining techniques to provide insights from hydrological and weather data (C#,ASP.NET MVC, ArcGIS API, JQuery).

Teaching Assistantships:

  • 2017 Fall 2017 CPSC 355: Computing Machinery- Slides
  • 2017 Winter CPSC 217: Introduction to Computer Science for Multidisicplinary Study I- Slides
  • 2016 Fall CPSC 231: Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors I
  • 2016 Winter CPSC 331: Information Structures I
  • 2015 Fall CPSC 217: Introduction to Computer Science for Multidisicplinary Study I
  • 2014 Fall CPSC 231: Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors I
  • 2013 Fall CPSC 457: Principles of Operating Systems



  • First Place at Advanced Energy Analytics Competition sponsored by IBM and University Of Calgary (March 2015)
  • Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary Research Award (Fall 2016) for 3rd consequences year for performance as a PhD student in terms of teaching, research, and coursework.
  • Department Research Award (Fall 2015), Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary.
  • Department Research Award (Fall 2014), Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary.
  • Ranked 67th among over 9000 participants in “Nationwide MS Computer Engineering Entrance exam” (2008)
  • Ranked among top 1% of students participating in “Nationwide University Entrance Exam” (2003)


Master's Thesis:

  1. Mahshid Marbouti, “A Semi Automated Service Realization Method in Service Oriented Modeling”, M.Sc. Thesis under supervision of Dr. Fereidoon Shams , Shahid Beheshti University, 2011
  2. Mahshid Marbouti “Music Digital Archive”, B.Sc. Thesis under Supervision of Dr. Ghassem Jaberipur, Shahid Beheshti University, 2008

Email: mmarbout[at]ucalgary[dot]ca