Current Projects:

  1. Applying Multi-surface Environments to Emergency Response Planning
  2. Data Set Discussion Tool - A Visualization Prototyping Tool to facilitate shared Understanding
  3. Geographic Information System (GIS) Transmogrification Application Programming Interface (API) - (GIST-API)
  4. Visualization of cause-effect relationships and trends in multidimensional time-series data
  5. A Spatial Probability Model for Multi-Surface Environments


Former Projects:

  1. Exploring Collaboration using Tablets in Multi-Surface Environments
  2. TableNOC
  3. Multi-surface Systems
  4. Skyhunter Exploration Project
  5. Agile Software Engineering for Cloud-Based Applications
  6. Test Driven Code Search
  7. API Usability
  8. An API for near Real Time Visualizations of Voice Services over Internet Protocol
  9. Facet Public Square
  10. A Web-Based API for Visualizing and Interacting with Trees
  11. Using Machine Learning Concepts for Learning gestures
  12. Active Story Gesture
  13. IntAirAct - A Framework Enabling Device Interaction Using REST
  14. MRI
  15. Evaluating the Performance of Direct Injection and TUIO-based Protocols for Multi-Touch Data Transfer
  16. Testing of Web Mapping Applications
  17. UofC Roomfinder
  18. ActiveStoryEnhanced
  19. Enhancing Exploratory Testing with Rule-Based Verifications
  20. Executable Acceptance Test Driven Development (EATDD)
  21. LEET Enhanced Exploratory Testing
  22. User Interface Test-Driven Development
  23. Agile usability
  24. Active Story
  25. Agile Interaction Design
  26. Agile Planning
  27. Agile Product Line Engineering
  28. Alan: A Robotic Companion for Agile Teams
  29. eGrid
  30. Fit Clipse
  31. Geo Search
  32. Gesture Toolkit
  33. Impact of Tests on API Usability
  34. IosRemote Connector
  35. Media Surface
  36. SurfaceToAR
  37. Taggy - Agile Knowledge Management
  38. Tangible Detection API

A Spatial Probability Model for Multi-Surface Environments