Prospective Students

We are always looking for new students - undergrads, M.Sc. and Ph.D. level - who are interested in research in agile methods as well as software design for digital surfaces. Research topics will be adapted according to the level of theprogram and the time to be committed to the project by an individual student or a team of students.

My group is on the applied side of research. Many of our projects involve industrial partners. Students often develop a software application with an industrial partner and use this project as a case study for some application engineering research topic. Most industry project currently focus on developing multi-touch applications, several of them use geographical information systems as the underlying infrastructure.

Research projects cover the spectrum from software development focused projects to empirical studies - and often combine both aspects. For development-oriented projects, I am looking for great programmers.

Beside research focused students, I'm also looking for students with an entrepreneurial spirit who can imagine taking some of their graduate work and move it into industry.

Undergraduate projects will give you course credit either as a honours project (CSPC 502) oras a half course (CSPC 503). If you are interested in working with me on one of these projects, contact be in the month before the term starts. This will give us enough time to decide on a research topic and you enough time to register in these courses. The honours project always starts in September. I'm also looking for students that are planning to apply for an NSERC USRAfor the Summer months (deadline usually in February).

Graduate projects will lead to an M.Sc. or a Ph.D. To be admitted, you need to follow the process as outlined at our departments grad studies web site. I'm also interested in students wanting to enrol in the Computational Media Design Graduate Programs that would like to work between computer science and visual arts.

Research ideas

Agile software engineering

  • Integrating acceptance testing and interaction design
  • Example-driven development and acceptance testing
  • Cross-cutting concerns in and agile methods
  • Agile software engineering for cloud-based applications

Surface application engineering

  • API usability
  • Frameworks for digital table applications
  • Using tables and multi-display environments for monitoring and control applications
  • Testing of multi-touch applications
  • Low-fidelity prototyping for table-based applications
  • Interactions-driven API design

Application-focused research

  • Innovative concepts for a network operations centre
  • Geospatial Data Mining Applications for Oil and Gas (with Dr. Xin Wang from Geomatics Engineering)
  • Geospatial Social Networking (with Dr. Xin Wang from Geomatics Engineering)

A word of advice for prospective students

I'm getting too many unsolicited applications for grad school. I'm deleting any without response that do not state what the research interests of the applicant is are and how it fits with my group's research agenda.