Alan: A Robotic Companion for Agile Teams

The Alan Project aims to develop a robotic companion for agile software engineering teams. The project resulted in two MSc thesis.

Shelly Park's thesis A Daily Scrum Meeting Summarizer for Agile Software Development Teams investigated the creation of a daily scrum meeting summarizer by experimenting with an existing speech recognition engine and using the transcript to produce a text summary about the meeting. For Agile software development teams, the purpose of daily scrum meetings is to communicate to the team members what is done, what will be done and what problems are encountered during the software development. The thesis presents a method that can improve the accuracy of the transcription by modifying an existing speech recognition engine and improving the coherency of the text through summarization. The proposed method of transcription and summarization can improve by 30% to 50% for the provided sample recordings against a transcript from a generic speech recognition engine. However, the speech recognition technology is still not ready for successful transcription of spontaneous conversational speech and produces too many transcription errors.

Ruth Ablett's thesis BuildBot Δ investigates the use of a robot as a continuous integration build notification mechanism, and compare this robot with existing virtual and ambient notification mechanisms.

This project has been discontinued.