!!! Both the sensor code as well as the Kinect2SDK are private until the public release of Kinect2SDK in July.

Getting the files:

Source code on git:

Kinect2SDK: Find link on private git repo above.


  1. Install Kinect2SDK
  2. By default, assembly files are located in:
    Kinect1: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\v1.8\Assemblies\Microsoft.Kinect.dll
    Kinect2: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\v2.0-DevPreview1404\Assemblies\Microsoft.Kinect.dll
  3. Make a copy of Kinect2's Microsoft.Kinect.dll, and rename it to Microsoft.Kinect2.dll.
  4. In VS project, look under References for SoD_Sensor project. Make sure both Microsoft.Kinect and Microsoft.Kinect2 are added. If your paths match the above, they should automatically be located. If not, add any missing dll's.
  5. For each dll, there is a property called "Aliases".
    • Kinect1's dll should have alias set to "kinect1"
    • Kinect2's dll should have alias set to "kinect2"
    • This is due to Microsoft naming both versions the same. As such, we require extern alias in our code to run both versions of the Kinects.

Note: SoD_Sensor is dependent on SocketIOClient project. If this is missing, install SocketIO4net.Client via NuGet. If NuGet Restore is enabled, you can just try building twice and it will install missing packages after the first build fails.

If all references are set properly, the code should run without any changes. Once the program is running, set Address to your server's IP address and connect.