Seyed Mehdi Nasehi

My name is Seyed Mehdi Nasehi and I'm currently a PhD student at the department of computer science, university of Calgary under the supervision of Dr Frank Maurer.

Research Outline

More and more software developers extensively rely on Application Programming Interfaces or APIs to build software. It puts more emphasis on APIs as the main interface between human beings (programmers) and computers. Usability is an important aspect of any human-computer interface. A usable interface is one that is easy to learn, efficient to use, and easy to remember. It should also hinder programmers from making lots of errors when they write software.

Despite the fact that APIs are widely used, their usability has been rarely studied. There are two approaches to study the usability of APIs. One approach is to use usability testing techniques, similar to those that are used in HCI, to assess the usability of a specific API and find its problems. It provides useful feedback for API designers to improve the usability of the API which is being built. The other approach is to study the usability implication of design decisions which are common among different APIs and provide advice to API designers. My research is mainly focused on the second approach.

Contact Info

Email: smnasehi[at]ucalgary[dot]ca

Phone: (403) 210-9559

Office: ICT 527