SoD is a framework which brings together multiple devices, allowing spatial awareness and communication amongst them.

Spatial awareness:

SoD uses Kinect for Windows cameras (both V1 and V2) to identify and locate people in a given space. Handheld devices such as iPads are able to push orientation data to the server. By pairing a person with a device, we can tell where someone is and where they're facing. This enables several use cases such as sending information to devices nearby or in front.


While SoD focuses on providing spatial awareness, it handles communications between devices as well. Any device connected to the server is able to send, receive, or request data. Data is emitted to one or more devices, which listen or subscribe to an event. If a device is subscribed to an event, it will receive the emitted data, which can be anything such as a string, dictionary, JSON, request, etc.

Communications in SoD are provided by Socket.IO 0.9x. A major improvement in Socket.IO 1.0 is the addition of binary streaming; however, v1.0 is not supported by the C# and iOS implementations as of yet.

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How does SoD work: