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MSE-API: An API for Developing Multi-Surface Systems.

Square Kilometer Array Multi-Surface

Square Kilometer Array Multi-Surface is a project to visualize and interact with high resolution radio astronomy data using multiple devices.

ePlan Lite

MRI Visualizer - Intel Perceptual Computing Camera

MRI Visualizer - Intel Perceptual Computing Camera.

Facet Public Square Demo

AVIT: An API for Visualizing and Interacting with Trees

A quick demo of the AVIT API. Using AVIT users can generate and customize different tree layouts by making simple changes in a configuration file.


Multisurface System Demo

IntAirAct Demo - Share photos between devices

A quick demo of the IntAirAct API.

Mobile Roomfinder: A Navigation App for the UofC Campus with Augmented Reality

A quick demo of the UofC Roomfinder App for Android.


Test-Driven Development of GUIs Using LEET

A quick demo of the LEET Toolkit.


SurfaceToAR: A Tabletop-to-Handheld Augmented Reality API

SurfaceToAR is an augmented reality API designed to address the limitations of static paper-based markers through the use of a digital touch table. It enables multiple mobile devices to connect to a central table server and receive real-time scene and marker updates. It provides single marker, multimarker, multi-multimarker tracking on an iOS device.

Media Surface: Personal Content Manager using Digital Tabletops

Accessing and uploading personal content from/to the cloud on a variety of multi-touch platforms is the focus of our prototype application, Media Surface. Employing the Microsoft Surface as a hub for content control, devices such as iPhones and iPads became outlets for accessing cloud content. The amalgamation of these particular devices and their differing platforms necessitated the creation and use of a custom API to facilitate communication and interaction.

eGrid: Collaborative GIS map Management

This research project is done by Elaf Selim and Frank Maurer, in the University of Calgary, in collaboration with TRLabs and Dextrus Prosoft. eGrid is a system which allows a collaborative team to view, annotate and manage GIS maps on a multi-touch digital tabletop display. This demo will present the latest prototype of eGrid using Microsoft Surface. Research suggests that multi-touch digital tabletop displays are more suitable for allowing teams to work collaboratively, especially in domain areas such as managing digital maps. eGrid presents a convenient digital environment for co-located teams to manage and analyze digital maps, without the need to print extremely large map data sets on paper. eGrid is useful for control center operations of utility companies, airports and transportation companies. It currently connects to an open GIS server provided by ESRI and it displays satellite views or street maps.

AgilePlanner for Digital Tabletop (APDT)

To help overcome the difficulties inherent in planning meetings for agile teams, We used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, XAML and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation and a digital tabletop to create AgilePlanner for Digital Tabletop (APDT). With its large, horizontal touch sensitive device and adaptability to multiple platforms, APDT helps connect remote developers to a specially separated environment through multimodal interaction, including: finger touch or mouse events; gesture recognition; handwriting recognition; and voice-command recognition. Shown at the 2008 Agile Software Developer Conference, APDT received very positive reviews and feedback.
APDT was developed by the agile Software Engineering group at the University of Calgary.


eHome is an application developed by the agile Software Engineering group at the University of Calgary. eHome allows users to control and monitor various devices around the home, as well as items in containers using RFID technology. The application also monitors various sensors placed in the home.
Since eHome was designed using agile Product Line Engineering, it can be deployed on digital tables (e.g. Microsoft Surface, SMART tables) as well as machines with vertical displays.

ActiveStory: Enhanced (ASE) and TT

ActiveStory: Enhanced (ASE) and TT are tools created by the Agile Software Engineering Group at the University of Calgary. ActiveStory is a tool for designing and performing usability testing on an application in a manner that is inline with Agile principles. Designers can sketch UIs, add interactions and export the design to the Internet via a built in web Wizard of Oz system.
TT enables testing of user interfaces in a robust, lightweight manner. It works by monitoring UIAutomation events raised during exploratory testing and turning these into editable scripts, which can be compiled into executable C# test files.
These two tools can be used in conjunction to develop a prototype UI and click through this prototype to generate UI tests. These tests can then be run on the actual software under development. In other words, used together, AS:E x TT = UITDD

GamesPack: Multitouch Games for the SMART Digital Table

Students from the University of Calgary Computer Science dept programmed two classic games on a SMART digital table: Pong and De-tangle.

iLocator: Collaborative Educational Mapping

iLocator is a collaborative educational mapping game for children developed on Microsoft Surface. This game encourages players to collaborate with each other to correctly place cards in their corresponding real-world locations on a large-scale map.