Presentation Videos



ArcGIS Client Applications

ArcGIS Client Applications by Patrick King (Slides)

GIS Client Applications on iOS

GIS Client Application on iOS by Chris Burns (Slides)

The ESRI ArcGIS 10 Suite

The ESRI ArcGIS 10 Suite by Teddy Seyed (Slides)

ArcGIS on Android

ArcGIS on Android by Benjamin Lautenschlaeger (Slides)

GeoServer & OpenLayers and GeoExt

GeoServer & OpenLayers and GeoExt by Abhishek Sharma (Slides Slides)


MapServer by Julia Paredes (Slides)


Network Visualizations : Existing Tools and APIs

A talk about current state of network visualizations along with the features provided by different network visualization tools and APIs. Supported with interactive demo of different tools

Cloud APIs and Software Engineering for the Cloud

A talk about features of different Cloud APIs and Software Engineering for the Cloud - describing results from a systematic literature review

API Usability Overview

A talk about different aspects of API design research covering Cognitive Dimensions Framework, expert suggestions, documentation and usage examples.

Software Reuse: Research and Practice

A talk on software reuse research and practice covering a brief history, various reuse approaches, barriers, and future research directions.