Social Media Analyst Client

A Visual Analytics Prototype to Identify Relevant Tweets in Different Events

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Item Definition
Events Each event has live or historical collectors which fills the event with Tweets containing particular keywords.
Collectors Collectors collect Tweets matching their keywords and store them in an event. There are two types of collectors - live and search.
Live Collectors These collectors can be started or stopped. When started, the server will be collecting tweets according to the keyword associated with the collector. When stopped, no live Tweets will be stored to the database.
Search Collectors These collectors collect Tweets from the past two weeks that contain the keyword. These search collectors can be refreshed, which gathers Tweets from the last refreshed date to today that contain the keyword.
Filtered Events Each event can be filtered using existing keywords used to fill the event, or using new keywords to search through the existing event.
Topics LDA methods are used to attach certain keywords to a certain topic. Tweets that contain these keywords are related to these topics
Situational Awareness Situational awareness is knowing what is going on around you. Gaining situational awareness is critical for dealing with emergencies as it helps emergency managers make better decisions during a time-critical situation. Our AI does its best to identify such related tweets.

The Creators

  • Mahshid Marbouti

    She is the mastermind behind everything. Considering this is her thesis anyways.

  • Irene Mayor

    She deals with all the backend server/database stuff but also aids in UI

  • Dianna Yim

    She handles most of the UI and gets mad whenever something doesn't look good.