Recent Exchange Researcher

Recent Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

  • Fatemeh Hendijani Fard.
  • Ayman A. Issa.
  • Jennifer Ferreira.
  • Craig Anslow.

Recent Ph.D.

  • Teddy Seyed
  • Jonathan Haber
  • Mahshid Marbouti: Big Data Analytics
  • S.M. Sohan
  • Zahra Sahaf (Co-supervision)
  • Zahra Shakeri (Co-supervision): Software Engineering for the Cloud
  • Theodore Hellmann: Automated GUI Testing (2014)
  • Mehrdad Nurolahzade:Test-driven code search and reuse (2014)
  • Seyed Mehdi Nasehi
  • Yaser Ghanam: An Agile Framework for Variability Management in Software Product Line Engineering (2011)
  • Shelly Park: Communicating Domain Knowledge through Example-Driven Story Testing (2011)
  • Grigori Melnik: Executable acceptance testing (2007) – He is now a Senior Product Planner at Microsoft.
  • Carmen Zannier: An Empirical Evaluation of Decision Making in Software Design (2007) – now working as a business analyst in industry.
  • Harald Holz: Process-based knowledge management support for software engineering (2002) – now at DFKI, Germany
  • Boris Koetting: Der Nutzen virtueller Marktplaetze fuer die Software-Entwicklungsdomaene (2002) – He is now a project manager for the German government
  • Barbara Dellen: Change Impact Analysis Support for Software Development Processes (2000) – She is now a project leader at Deutsche Bundespost, Germany

Recent M.Sc. and Diploma

  • Steven Vi
  • Cooper Davies
  • Tarishi Upadhyay
  • Shreya Chopra
  • Alaa Azazi: Novel technologies and spatial-awareness in multi-surface environments (Personal Website)
  • Edwin Chan
  • Julia Paredes: Information Visualization for Clinical Health Data
  • Julia Zochodne
  • Rahul Kamal Bhaskar: Developing bigdata analytics application using agile software development process
  • Sydney Pratte: Projection feedback in multi-surface environments
  • S. M. Waliur Rahman: Personal Health Analytics for Chronic Illness Management

Recent Software Developers

Visiting Students

  • Tiago Silva da Silva (PhD student): Agile Interaction Design
  • Mikko Korkola (PhD student): Communication in distributed teams

Previous member by year:

M.Sc. and Diplom in Informatik


  • Apoorve Chokshi: Social media for emergency response
  • F. Marinho Moreira Rodrigues: Exploring Collaboration with Geospatial Information in Multi-Display Environments


  • Shahbano Farooq: Network Visualizations


  • Chris Burns: An API for Multi-Surface Systems
  • Zabedul Akbar: Usability Evaluation of an API for Visualizing and Interacting with Trees
  • Tulio de Souza Alcantara: Development of a new control interface for MRI machines and the use of machine learning concepts for gesture recognition tools


  • Arlo O’Keeffe: IntAirAct: A Framework enabling Device Interaction using REST
  • Abhishek Sharma: An Exploratory, Longitudinal Case Study on Testing of Web Mapping Applications
  • Darren Andreychuk: Evaluating the Performance of Direct-Injection and TUIO-based Protocols for Multi-Touch Data Transfer
  • Benjamin Lautenschlaeger: Campus Navigation application using GIS
  • Ealaf Selim: Requirements and Reuse in an Agile Environment for Tabletop-based GIS Applications


  • Maha Shouman(M.Sc. student): Tangible tabletop interaction API Wall-sized displays for supporting oil & gas exploration
  • Christian Schlueter (M.Sc. student): Wall-sized displays for supporting oil & gas exploration
  • Pierre Bastianelli (Undergrad): Interaction design for digital surfaces


  • S M Sohan: Auto-Tagging Emails with User Stories Based on Agile Project Context.
  • Shahedul Huq Khandkar: Device independent toolkit for multi-touch gesture recognition & automated testing
  • Theodore Hellmann: Enhancing Exploratory Testing with Rule-Based Verifications
  • David Fox: Agile Methods and User Centered Design: How These Two Methodologies are Being Integrated in Industry
  • Felix Rieger: Test-based Feature Management for Agile Product Lines
  • Denis Elbert: Refactoring of Acceptance Tests in Visual Studio


  • Ali Hosseini Khayat: Distributed Wizard of Oz Usability Testing for Agile Teams – now a SDET at Microsoft, Redmond
  • Caryna Pinheiro: Adopting Iterative and Incremental Development
  • Xin Wang: Using Digital Tabletop to Support Distributed Agile Project Planning – now working as a software developer at Amazon.


  • Robert Morgan: Distributed AgilePlanner: A Card Based Planning Environment for Agile Teams – now working as a business analyst at ATB
  • Heiko Ordelt: Refactoring of Acceptance Tests
  • Sebastian Weber: Agile Planning on Digital Tabletop Devices – now working as a software developer in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kai Nehring: Integration of Agile Planner into IBM Jazz Development Environment
  • Patrick Wilson: Active Story: A Low Fidelity Prototyping and Distributed Usability Testing Tool for Agile Teams


  • Ruth Ablett: A robotic colleague for agile software teams
  • Xueling Shu: Agile methods for bioinformatics
  • Chengyao Deng: FitClipse I
  • Kobe Davis (course-based)
  • Harprit Grewal (course-based)
  • Henning Kolenda: Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Framework for Digital Desk Applications, Master Thesis HS Mannheim, Mar 2007 (research conducted at the EBE Group)
  • Andreas Herbig: Digital Tabletop Concurrent Support Framework, Diploma Thesis FH Mannheim, Feb 2007 (research conducted at the EBE Group)
  • Sascha Hömig: Feasibility Study and Prototypical Implementation of a Window Framework for Digital Tables, Diploma Thesis FH Mannheim, Feb 2007 (research conducted at the EBE Group)
  • Shelly Park: Daily Scrum Meeting Summarizer for Agile Software Development Teams, Aug 2007


  • Wenliang Xiong: In-Container Testing for Web Portal Applications (MSc 2006) – He is now working as a software developer
  • Lawrence Liu: An Environment for Collaborative Agile Planning (MSc 2006) – He is now working at AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (AMS)


  • Harpreet Bajwa: Testing processes for portlet applications (MSc 2005) – She is now a testing process consultant at Prolifics
  • Willie Tu – Course-based MSc
  • Trevor Foraie – Course-based MSc
  • Chris Mann: An Exploratory Longitudinal Case Study of Agile Methods in a Small Software Company (MSc 2005) – He is now working at Microsoft (USA)
  • Kris Read: Supporting Agile Teams of Teams via Test Driven Design (MSc 2005) – He is now working at Solium
  • Thomas Chau: Inter-Team Learning for Agile Methods (MSc 2005) – He is now working at Solium


  • Brian Hoang (Course-based, 2004)
  • Amy Law (Course-based, 2004)


  • Seth Bowen: Using a Peer-to-Peer Architecture to Support Distributed Software Development (MSc 2003) – He is now working at Solium
  • Philip Nour: Ontology-based retrieval of software engineering experiences (MSc 2003) – He is now working at AMS Canada
  • Carmen Zannier: Tool support for complex refactoring to design patterns (MSc 2003) – She is now doing her PhD at the UofC
  • Milan Springl (Course-based MSc 2003)
  • Lance Titchkosky (Course-based MSc 2003)
  • Jennie Ye (Course-based MSc 2003) – Now working at Chartwell Technology Inc.


  • Christine Li (Course-based MSc 2002) – She now works at the IBM Toronto Lab


  • James Tam: Change management support (co-supervisor, MSc 2001) – He is now an instructor at our department
  • George Gongchen (Course-based MSc 2001) – He now is a Ph.D. student in the Database group at the UofC


  • Zhanshan (Mike) Gao (Course-based MSc 2000) – He now is a consultant in advanced Java development in the US.


  • Alexander Herzlinger: Replicated Process Engine (Diplom in Informatik 1999) – He is now a project leader at CSC Ploenztzke in Germany.
  • Michael Schlindwein: Software agents for software process support (Diplom in Informatik 1999)


  • Sascha Schmitt: CoMo-Kit goes Internet (Diplom in Informatik 1998) – He now works at SAP Germany.
  • Dale Couprie: Automated Support for a Customized Personal Software Development Process (MSc 1998)
  • Quan Li: Domain Specific Dependencies (MSc 1998)

Software Developers

  • Sydney Pratte (2013-2015)
  • Edwin Chan (2013-2015)
  • Gellert Kispal (2013-2015)
  • Gabriela Jurca (2013-2014)
  • Mandy Wong (2013-2014)
  • Daniel Sabourin (2011-2014)
  • Fadi Botros (2012-2014)
  • Kevin Bradley (2013-2014)
  • Patrick King (2011-2013)
  • Nadder Makhlouf (2011-2012)
  • Abraam Mikhail (2011-2012)
  • Robert Post (2011-2012)
  • Keynan Pratt (2008-2011)
  • Eric Kryski (2011)
  • Michael Chen (2009-2011)
  • Jishuo Yang (2010)
  • Sabine Heinrich (2009-2010)
  • Steffen Salbinger (2009-2010)
  • Jens Kordowski (2008-2009)
  • Darren Andreychuk (2008-2009)
  • Brady Lill (2008) – Now works at Thoughtworks
  • Faraz Waseem Malik (2007-2008)
  • Felix Riegger (2007-2008)
  • Harminder Dhillon (2007) – Now works as an intermediate software developer in industry