Bryson Lawton is a Master’s student in the ASE lab with a background in both Computer Science and Astrophysics. With experience in scientific computation, data visualization & analytics, and computer graphics, his research interests attempt to help further the understanding and exploration of outer space through the application of extended-reality (XR) technologies. One example of this is ExoAR, his undergraduate Computer Science capstone project which uses augmented reality (AR) technologies to allow a user to place themselves within any known exoplanetary system, enabling them to more intuitively analyze and understand such systems.

Currently, his research involves looking into the use of XR technologies as an alternative option for controlling multiple autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles simultaneously. Having potential applications in emergency response, large-scale photogrammetry, and space exploration to name a few, the hope is that this will provide a much more portable and easy-to-use option than methods available currently.