Dr. Frank Maurer is the head of the Agile Software Engineering (ASE) group at the University of Calgary. Previously, Dr. Maurer research interests revolved about Agile software methodologies. However, his research interests are

  • Immersive analytics applications
  • Multi-surface systems
  • Engineering analytics applications
Currently, ASE group focuses on immersive analytics applications for the  emergency response and energy analytics domains.  ASE research  combines empirical approaches with the development of innovative tools  and applications. Recent publications are available at the group’s web  library. The ASE Group closely collaborates with industrial and acedemic  partners to ensure the business relevance of the research.

Frank is a co-founder, CTO and board member at VizworX, and Associate   Dean of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Science.  In addition, he was a member of the program  committee and chair of numerous Conferences and Workshops over the past two decades. Recently Dr. Maurer was appointed as the Associate  Dean of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at the Faculty of Science,  University of Calgary.