Lorans Alabood is a Ph.D. candidate in Computational Media Design (CMD) at the University of Calgary. Lorans has a bachelor degree in Architecture Engineering and a Master’s degree in Housing Science. Lorans has a long academic and industrial research experience. During his master’s, he was interested in using computer software to simulate and analyze building performance parameters such as sunlight, daylight, shading, ventilation, and energy. After he graduated, he worked as a researcher for Thomson Reuters, Malaysia branch. Since September 2016, he became more interested in human-built environment interaction, specifically how smart home technology can make our houses responsive to our special requirements. Currently,  His research work focuses on designing smart technologies that enhance the built environment. His Ph.D. research focuses on designing an open-ended smart home to support aging in place for seniors with Neurocognitive disorders. His current research is funded by an academic partner (Faculty of Science) and partly funded by industrial partners W21C and IFTTT.