The Alberta Electric System Operator is the organization that manages and operates the provincial power grid. AESO strives to provide safe, reliable and economic operation of the Alberta electricity system while facilitating a fair, efficient and openly competitive market for electricity.

Working in partnership with AESO, we are developing a prototype that explores using immersive technologies in support of control center operations as well as virtual backup spaces. With our application, control centers could be created in an immersive environment wherever there is connectivity. This would allow center operators to participate in managing a crisis from home, while travelling, etc. These can also be created during black start or for mobile training purposes.



For the project, we aim at creating an environment that allows users to replicate the visualizations in the control room and ideate on how operations can be improved using the extra viewing real estate provided by immersive technology. Additionally, We will connect these visualizations to streaming data sources for real-time updates and create a workspace that allows operators to interact with the systems that they are controlling. We will be exploring the usage of both VR and AR/MR for our application.


Current State


Below show the current state of our application:


Project Timeline: May 2019 – present

Team Members: Steven Vi, Bryson Lawton, Tarishi Upadhyay, Tiago Silva, Frank Maurer