APIs and toolkits embody the building blocks for constructing software systems. Tools are ready-to-go system prototypes that can be used as is without any programming necessary. The following list includes APIs, toolkits and tools that were recently developed by the ASE team:

  • MSE-API (Partners: NSERC, Foundation CMG): An API for Constructing Interactive Multi-Surface Systems
  • IntAirAct (Partners: NSERC): A Framework Enabling Device Interaction Using REST
  • AVIT (Partners: NSERC): An API for Visualizing and Interacting with Trees
  • Active Story Gesture (Partners: SurfNet): Interactive low-fi prototyping for surface applications
  • LEET (Partners: SurfNet. ivrnet, TRTech): LEET is a capture/replay tool based on the Windows Automation API. It can record interactions with many desktop applications – including surface-based applications running on Windows Vista or 7 – and replay them as regression tests.