“Physio4D™ offers physiotherapists who are usually pressed by time, a digital onboarding process, a vision-based assessment tool, an intelligent exercise recommendation portal and an interactive compliance tracking app to automate the whole process of objective examination, exercise instruction and compliance tracking in an accurate, data driven and engaging way.”
– Physio4D Website

Our project with Physio4D aim was to create a system for recording a patient’s posture, and then creating a way for physiotherapists to view this data in augmented reality. Allowing for doctors to visualize the data in 3D space creates the most natural viewing environment, and allows for doctors to easily navigate the data without the limitations of screen size.

We utilized the Microsoft Kinect as a depth camera to record a patient’s posture by tracking natural points on a patient’s body. This data is then put into our system for the doctor to view. Viewing the data is done on the Microsoft HoloLens to create an augmented viewing space of the data. Our user interface is kept clean and simple for intuitive use, and for doctors to navigate the data in a timely manner. In addition to simply viewing a patient’s recorded postures, multiple recorded postures can be selected and viewed collated or overlapped to easily display the changes in the data.